BudPruner - Garden Grafting Tool

BudPruner - Garden Grafting Tool

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With hydrated and growing plants, it's important to ensure that growing paths remain untangled with our BudPruner, the premium grafting tool for your garden.


✅MULTI PURPOSE The BudPruner contains both a pruner, and a grafting guillotine blade. This means you can trim away excess, and then make precise cuts - all with a single tool. 🔪

✅PREMIUM DESIGN: Made from beautiful stainless steel, with a blade that's ideal for cutting and pruning leaves/twigs/stems, the BudPruner is made with design at its forefront. 👨🏼‍🔬

CUSTOMIZABLE: With the BudPruner, you're able to adjust and replace the blades as needed. The package also comes with 3 grafting blades, a screwdriver, a wrench, and grafting tape all wrapped up in a beautiful storage bag. 🙏🏼


 BudPruner - Garden Grafter Tool