AutoGrow - Plant Watering Spike
AutoGrow - Plant Watering Spike
AutoGrow - Plant Watering Spike

AutoGrow - Plant Watering Spike

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Let the green in your home flourish with our beautiful AutoGrow plant watering spike. With our busy lifestyle, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to maintain our houseplants. Let AutoGrow do the work for you, so regardless of whether you're at home or away, your plants will always have enough moisture.

✅ PRECISE WATERING: With our spiked design, water gets straight to the roots, right where it needs it most. By adjusting the drip rate, you avoid under or over watering, keeping the plants healthy. No valuable soil and nutrient loss! 🌱

TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Let AutoGrow take care of your plants while you're gone! By testing and adjusting the spike before heading out - you can enjoy your trip stress-free knowing that your plants are well taken care of. ✈️

EASY TO USE: The AutoGrow spike can be installed and running within a few minutes! Simply fill a soda bottle with water, and set the spike on top of the bottle. Flip the spike and place into your house plant. That's it! 👍🏼

MINIMAL DESIGN: We've ensured that AutoGrow occupies a minimal amount of space, for maximum effectiveness. No bulky watering equipment required! 🚰


AutoGrow Plant Spike - shown in use with a plant + bottle

Pro Tips:

  • Choose the right bottle for your plant size to avoid overflow. You can use any bottle between 12 oz. to 2L - however, 2L bottles should only be used for bigger plants. 
  • Make use of a plant tray in-case you're worried about changes in watering flow
  • Adjust the drip rate as-per your plant size. Generally, the drip rate is naturally faster in the beginning and slows down over time.